Development The Shock Absorber

Indiana PRI Show Big Succes for ProTrac

ProTrac welcomes new BMW and Porsche specialists

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ChampionNew Zealand ProTrac Champ  ends 2nd in Trans-Am

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High strength Rally Shock with accurate adjustment range

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ProTrac welcomes Finland Rally and Racing specialist Raikkonen

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New Zealand TraNZam Champion running ProTrac

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ProTrac Shock Absorbers Accepted for Use in TransAm Series

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Development The Shock Absorber

World's Largest Racing meeting point



De ontwikkeling van ‘de schokdemper’ is mede mogelijk gemaakt met behulp van gedeeltelijke financiering vanuit het Operationeel Programma Zuid, de Europese Unie, de provincie Noord-Brabant en het Rijk.

The development of 'The shock absorber' has been made possible through partial funding from the Operational Programme South, the European Union, the Province of Ontario and the State.








Indiana PRI Show Big Succes for ProTrac

World's Largest Racing meeting point



December 2001 - ProTrac Shocks gained a lot of interest during the latest Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Indiana, USA. From the end of November to the beginning of December many racing enthusiasts visited ProTrac to see the latest novelties on shock technology.

Dirt and Circle track shocks gained a lot of attention this year. The shocks are stuffed with the latest high performance technologies. They are extremely succesfull and teamed with a unique adjustment mechanism to optimize the control of the racecar. With these shocks ProTrac provides the best in Circle and Dirt track racing.

ProTrac made several appointments and arranged test sessions for several different racing categories, like teams from Drag Racing, GT racing, Dirt Track and Pavement Modified. Also International teams showed interest, like Touring Car teams, (WRC) Rally teams and many more.










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 Speedway Illustrated publication (February 2001 issue)

  A Lot to Absorb

      When it comes to shocks, there are

                           different strokes to different folks.






story and photographs by Doug Gore

ProTrac shocks are very well designed and beautifully constructed, with numerous small details that distinguish them from most of their competitors. Accordingly, they are priced near the top end of the scale.

ProTrac’s triple-adjustable shock is a mono-tube type with an unusually large-diameter piston rod. A large amount of oil is displaced into the remote reservoir during compression, helping to improve compression dampening control.

 Spdwyill2.gif (20662 bytes)

The shock's compression-dampening forces are adjusted by two knobs on the end of the reservoir. The low-speed forces are adjustable in eight steps, and the mid- and high-speed compression forces are separately adjustable in 12 steps. The shock’s rebound forces are adjustable in 15 steps by turning a wheel at the end of the piston rod.


Spdwyill1.gif (87470 bytes)


ProTrac Triple Adjustable Damper


The main text states that Turner Motorsports' race cars use JRZ double adjustable dampers, but since that was written, Turner has changed to ProTrac triple adjustable technology. Rob de Rijk, the R of JRZ, teamed up with a CNC machining specialist already established as an automotive supplier to form ProTrac B.V.

IN "suspension basics, part 6" (ec, 08/00, p. 126), the theory behind compression and rebound adjustment was discussed extensively. To summarize, it is desirable to adjust them separately because compression and rebound damping perform separate tasks. Triple adjustable dampers take the idea a step further, with separate adjustment of the high- and low- speed compression circuits. Wheel movements when going over a bump are fast, while body movements due to acceleration, braking and corner entry and exit are comparatively slow.

eurocarmag4.jpg (46955 bytes)


Thus, high- and low -speed damping functions are different, and making their adjustment separate eliminates a compromise when tuning a car's handling. Response during transient maneuvers can be dialed in without upsetting the responsive to surface roughness.

ProTrac double- and triple-adjustable dampers are a blend of twin-tube and mono-tube concepts. Rebound valving is contained in the piston and adjusted on the piston shaft. Like a twin-tube damper, ProTracs use a separate reservoir to compensate for changes in volume of the main working chamber due to entry of a large-diameter piston shaft,

  and valving in the passage between the main chamber and the reservoir controls compression damping.

However, instead of surrounding the main tube, a ProTrac's reservoir is a separate body, connected to the main tube by a high-pressure hose. Compression valving, the equivalent of a bottom (or "foot") valve in a twin-tube damper, is contained within the reservoir. In a ProTrac double-adjustable shock, preload of the compression blow-off valve's spring is adjusted on the reservoir. In a triple-adjustable shock, the orifice size of the low-speed compression circuit is adjusted by a third knob, also on the reservoir. The shock dyno plots provided on the TMS website provide a textbook-clear illustration of the functions served by the various adjustments.

A benefit of the separate reservoir is that the main tube is exposed directly to cooling air, as in a mono-tube design. Also like a mono-tube shock, the ProTrac reservoir has a floating piston isolating a pressurized gas volume.In addition to resisting aeration of the damper fluid, the gas functions as a progressive secondary spring, acting in parallel, meaning its rate is added to that of the steel spring. The gas spring is


eurocarmag5.jpg (63335 bytes)

adjustable in both progressiveness and rate by varying the volume and pressure of the gas. The large diameter of the piston shaft increases the damper's sensitivity to these changes as compared to a conventional mono-tube unit with its small shaft.

Triple-adjustable dampers are not inexpensive, but they are the only way to complete eliminate compromise in damper tuning. They are the real-deal, ideal-world setup.


                                                                                                       ------- Dan Barnes


Finland Rally Group N 2000 Champion

Running with New ProTrac Rally Shocks


October 2000 - Eero Raikkonen, driver of the Printsport Rally team, finished as champion 2000 for the Finland Group N Rally series. Teamed with ProTrac shocks the team proved to be extremely competitive and therefor won the championship.


champeero.jpg (36118 bytes)

The Printsport Honda Integra Rally car is teamed with the new ProTrac Rally Shocks with the upside down system for the highest strength possible. Every shock is featured with the Triple adjustment mechanism to control the damper movements on the roughest fields. "Thanks to the ProTrac Shocks we now have a much better traction and therefor better times", Eero said.

For more information about this Rally you can visit the Printsport site:




New Zealand ProTrac Champion ends 2nd

In BF-Goodrich Trans-Am Series at Las Vegas

nwzlnd10.jpg (27442 bytes)

October 2000 - Craig Baird (#0), driver of the Alan Ferguson Racing Chevrolet Camaro, finished second in just his second start in a BF Goodrich Tires Trans-Am Series race. Teamed with ProTrac shocks the team proved to be extremely competitive in the USA.

In the first race Craigs problem with the lack of cooling in the car proved to be fatal as the Camaro ran up as high as 9th place prior to the heat. In the second race this problem was fixed and Craig smoothly ran up to the second position. An impressive experience for all: Craig Baird, the Ferguson team and ProTrac. They all proved their potential as the best in racing.

More of the race   

BF Goodrich Trans-Am Las Vegas results

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ProTrac joins 13th annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show

World's Largest Racing meeting point


October 2000 - For the first time ProTrac will be participating in the 2000 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in the USA. From November 30th until the 2nd of December racing enthusiasts can visit ProTrac at booth 7108 to see the latest novelties on shock technology.

ProTrac will show the improved Double and Triple adjustable dampers. There weight is reduced with 15 % and the adjustment devices have improved, which leads to even more reliability and constant operation. ProTrac shocks are very succesfull in all racing categories, like TransAm, Grand-Am, Motorola Cup, (The New Zealand) TraNZam, GT-racing, Dirt Track, Pavement Modified Track, and many more.

Also the new Rally Shocks and McPherson struts will be introduced. These are stuffed with the latest high performance technologies. The rally dampers are teamed with the upside-down system to create maximum strength. With the new ProTrac Rally Shocks you will have the best in racing specified to the top of rally (WRC) and heavy duty use.

At the PRI-show ProTrac will prove to be the best in shocks. ProTrac gives every racing fanatic a warm welcome: visit ProTrac at PRI-booth 7108!

PRI-Show, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, Indianapolis Convention Center & RCA Dome.

Opening hours: 9:00h - 18:00h; Saturday, December 2, 9:00h - 17:00h (2nd).

For more information contact the ProTrac headoffice: or visit Performance Racing Industry's website at (Ps.wrd.: hardcore)


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High strength Rally Shock with accurate adjustment range


August 2000, The Netherlands - In September 2000 ProTrac Damper Technology will introduce their brand new Rally shock absorbers. The special rally designs are teamed with the upside down system to create maximum strength. After extensive in house testing on the dyno, the Rally Shocks were tested in the field. The results were everything ProTrac -- and the test teams -- had hoped they would be.

First models will be the Opel/Vauxhall Astra, Mitsubitsi Evo 6 and the Honda Integra. But ProTrac is capable in manufacturing every sized shock possible.

Sets will be available in Double or Triple adjustment configurations. The Triple adjustable rally shocks feature separate adjustment devices to control low speed compression damping forces. Major advantages are better traction and control of the Rally car. The shocks can even stay on the car while adjusting the rally shocks to the ideal situation, with stunning precision and a wide range of positions.

With the new ProTrac Rally Shocks you will have the best in racing specified to the top of rally. For more information contact the ProTrac headoffice:

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Improved ProTrac Double Adjustable Shock Absorber 


July 2000, The Netherlands - ProTrac launches their improved double adjustable shock absorber. Because ProTrac is always working on the highest performance level, the company decided to improve the double adjustable. This resulted in a weight reduction and a new structure on the compression adjusting mechanism, which is now more sensitive.

The new double is 15% lighter then before, mostly taken from the canister. The unique blow-off valve design is completely new and the used Belleville springs are specially made for ProTrac. The blow-off valve is matched to the large oil displacement caused by the large piston rod diameter and responds to the smallest movement of the suspension. The system can be precisely tuned to your specifications and requirements, with incredible accuracy and consistency

Next to complete sets of shocks the double adjustable canisters are offered separately. They are available in three different lengths: 130-, 165- and 200 mm. The length depends on the application of shocks that are used. For more information contact the ProTrac Headoffice:



ProTrac welcomes PRINTSPORT OY as Finland Rally & Racing Specialist

FINLAND (june 2000) - ProTrac is proud to announce its association with Eero Raikkonen's PRINTSPORT OY. Raikkonen is a well respected racecar and rally specialist in Finland, with many years of experience ensuring its customers being competitive. "With Eero's experience we are capable in improving our rally dampers," DeRijk, President of ProTrac, said.

Raikkonen has chosen ProTrac shock absorbers and McPherson struts for use on both rally and racing projects, like Honda Integra, Opel Astra, Mitsubitsi Evo 6, Subaru Impreza, Porsche (944, 993, 996) and BMW. He choose the ProTrac company, because it offers high quality products, liability, excellent service, short lead times and most of all a better performance.

For more information you can contact Eero Raikkonen at:


Phone : +358-14-861 600

Fax      : +358-14-862 406

Liepeentie 18







ProTrac North America Service Center 

USA (may 2000) – To expand its service, ProTrac Damper Technology BV cooperates with Todd Thompson in the opening of a North American Service Center for shock absorber inspection, diagnostics, repair and overhaul.

US Customers can use the service and engineering expertise of Thompson's Service Center to reduce the time and potential hassles involved with transAtlantic shipping.


For more information you can contact Todd Thompson at:

TJT Motorsports

Phone : 740-342-2272

324 First Street

New Lexington, Ohio 43764



ProTrac welcomes Paul Bellringer as U.K. Racing Specialist

ENGLAND (March 2000) - ProTrac is proud to announce its association with Paul Bellringer's Viper Suspension. Bellringer is a well respected racecar-shock-engineer in the United Kingdom, with many years of experience ensuring its customers being competitive.

Bellringer has chosen ProTrac racing dampers and McPherson struts for use on many projects, like Porsche (944, 993, 996 and many more). He choose the ProTrac company, because it offers high quality products, liability, excellent service, short lead times and most of all a better performance.

For more information you can contact Paul Bellringer at:

Viper Suspension

Phone : +44 01869 811331

Fax      : +44 01869 819521

Barton Cottage, 3 Wheelers Rise

NN13 5ND Croughton Brackley

Northans UK

New Zealand TraNZam Champion running ProTrac

NEW ZEALAND (February 2000) - Craig Baird has won the New Zealand TraNZam Championship in convincing style with still three races left to go on the calendar. Driving the Alan Ferguson owned,Mobil,Husqvarna,Chev Camaro teamed with ProTrac triple-adjustables, Baird secured pole and won two out of three races, the third being a reverse grid affair, in stunning style.

Defending Champ Shane Drake could not match Bairds dry whether pace but pulled off a narrow victory in race two with an outside pass in wet conditions. Baird was again outstanding in race three to start off the back of the grid and storm through the field and left Drake in a spin trying to keep up the pace. Baird now heads off to Australia to start a career in V8 Supercars with the Stone Brothers Pirtek Ford Racing Team. Anybody wishing to catch the action starting at Phillip Island on the 12-13 Feb 2000,can tune into This Historic TraNZam Championship win for Baird and his team is the first Motor racing Championship of the new Millenium.


nwzlnd3.jpg (66332 bytes)

Craig Baird: New Zealands TraNZam Champion



24 Hours of Daytona

DAYTONA, Florida, USA (February 2000) - Though the 81 G&W Motorsports Porsche which took the lead in GTU 2 hours 36 into the race and stayed there for the next 15 hours suffered catastrophic engine failure just after ESPN's coverage went back on the air at 7, the despair held a silver lining. The 07 G&W Porsche warhorse -- as Danny Marshall said, "first in the vintage class as the only air-cooled entry in the race" -- turned in a podium finish, third in the GTU class. This car also finished 3rd in class in the 1999 Rolex 24. The first to run ProTrac shocks in the Daytona 24, the 07 was one of just 31 cars out of the 79 who started to make it to the end. More than 100 cars turned out for this premiere Grand American Road Racing event, and some 21 went home after a qualifying field of 79 was set. The 07 Porsche driven by Darren Law, Mike Fitzgerald, Chris Marlin and Danny Marshall started 61st and finished 12th overall.

Meanwhile, in Motorola Cup action the two Lexi, running with ProTrac triple-adjustable shocks, started 2nd and 4th in class, respectively. The #9 finished the race in 2nd while the #90 (which had started #2) ended 11th due to a mechanical failure.


daytona.jpg (19883 bytes)



ProTrac Shock Absorbers Accepted for Use in Trans Am Series


INDIANAPOLIS (November 1999) – The Trans Am Racing Series has notified ProTrac Damper Technology that the new adjustable ProTrac shock absorbers are accepted for competition use in the Series.

ProTrac has developed single-, double-, and triple-adjustable shocks with wide adjustment ranges. Each new and refreshed ProTrac shock comes with a set of dyno reports quantifying the performance of the adjustments so that teams are able to specifically quantify the set-up each time they make changes. ProTrac also depends on state-of-the-art machining facilities in the manufacturing process to enhance the consistency and repeatability of ProTrac shock performance. CAM systems ensure that critical components are machined to the exacting tolerances necessary for repeatability.

The Trans Am Series has announced 5 races so far for 2000, all run in conjunction with the American LeMans Series: April 1-2 at Charlotte; September 2-3 at Texas; September 30-October 1, the Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta; October 15-16, Laguna Seca and October 30 at Las Vegas.


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Visit the SCCA Pro Racing Site

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Visit the Trans Am Racing Series Site



NEW ProTrac Shock Oil

ProTrac Shock Oil, used in all ProTrac shocks, is now available for everyone. ProTrac recently introduced the oil in 1 liter cans. The oil has optimized low-temperature viscosity, low base oil volatility and high shear stability. ProTrac oil is an ester-synthetic, with Iso-paraffinic diluents.

ProTrac Shock Oil has extremely low foaming characteristics, even after thermal aging, virtually no water retention, extremely high shear strength, and because of its fully-synthetic base and low water retention ProTrac oil has very-long operational life and is very friendly to seals.


ProTrac Shock Oil: excellent overall performance!


Other features:
Outstanding wear protection Low gas retention (low foaming)
Very high cavitation resistance Stable viscosity index
Good low temperature properties Very low volatility
High shear stability Negligible evaporation rate
Very low stiction Pour-point lower than –60 F which means it never stiffens up
High flash point Low order of toxicity
Very low vapor-pressure Considered non-carcinogenic


Single Adjustable Shocks

Double Adjustable Shocks

Triple Adjustable Shocks

McPherson Struts