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ProTrac’s goal is to satisfy you by optimizing the handling characteristics of your racecar by manufacturing high quality shocks and delivering outstanding service.

A ProTrac service includes several possibilities.



ProTrac Shock Dyno Service

Every ProTrac customer receives a dyno report detailing your shocks’ characteristics throughout their adjustment range. This is true both for new shocks and for those you send to us for refreshing or repair. The shock dyno is one of several tools used for diagnosing problems and performance inconsistencies in your shocks. We will maintain a complete file of the history of all of your shock absorbers and enclose an easily filled-out ProTrac Shock Absorber Log Sheet with every shock absorber to help us track, diagnose and improve your performance.



ProTrac Shock Service

We recommend an exam and freshening after each racing season to maintain optimum performance and to provide preventative maintenance. ProTrac’s shock overhaul package includes a complete oil change and replacement of all o-rings and seals, followed by a session on the dyno. Yes, you will get a copy of the dyno sheet.



ProTrac Shock Revalve Service

If and when you want to modify your shocks to more exactly match performance curves to certain tracks or certain applications, we will be happy to discuss adaptations to meet your requirements.


ProTrac Shock Testing Service

ProTrac also offers the services of our suspension engineers trackside to advise, support and service your shocks anywhere in the world. After each test session, you will receive a detailed report of the set-up, shock curves and testing results.

ProTrac Special Products

ProTrac is structured to enable us to offer custom design and manufacturing services to our customers. If you have a special application, we can provide you with custom designs reflecting the leading edge of racing shock engineering. We will work closely with you from the initial sketches to the final manufacturing and assembly of your shocks. A ProTrac engineer will accompany you for track testing of all custom designs to ensure they meet your requirements.

ProTrac struts are available for virtually every McPherson strut design currently running in single-, double- and triple-adjustable configurations and with the same engineering as our aluminum coil-over shocks.


Rietdekkerstraat 3, 5405 AX  UDEN, The Netherlands
Phone:  +31 413 259 100  Fax:  +31 413 259 770    Email: info@protrac.nl

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