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ProTrac B.V. is an international Damper Technology company committed to improve the performance of racecars. Based in Uden, Holland and with North American service and engineering facilities in Newfields NH, ProTrac manufactures high performance, adjustable gas canister shock absorbers for racing and street applications.

The company was founded by Rob de Rijk, Peter Vogels and Marcel van Vugt. The founders all have extensive experience in different fields. Rob de Rijk has more than 12 years of experience with racing suspension. After his training as a mechanical engineer he started to work as an R & D engineer at different shockabsorber companies such as WP suspension. In this capacity he worked with prominent race teams such as GM Motorsports and Alfa Romeo and did a lot of track side testing with race teams all over the world. The last four years he was technical director and co-owner of JRZ Suspension Engineering.






The other founders are Peter Vogels and Marcel van Vugt. They are the owners of VOVU Metaalbewerking. VOVU is a machining company that specializes in CNC machining. The company was founded in 1987 and employ’s 20 people. Over the years VOVU established a name as a manufacturer of automotive parts and especially parts for shock absorbers.

Vovu is capable in making prototypes with very short lead times but also series production of a 1.000 dampers and more.

In addition to manufacturing racing dampers, ProTrac offers a unique service of custom design and manufacturing for applications that are of a specialized nature. ProTrac provides custom designs for every aspect of modern racing dampers.

ProTrac is always working on the leading edge of technology to incorporate our developments in the damper design for the benefit of our customers.


Rietdekkerstraat 3, 5405 AX  UDEN, The Netherlands
Phone:  +31 413 259 100  Fax:  +31 413 259 770    Email: info@protrac.nl

ProTrac General Homepage