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To complete its product range, ProTrac damper technology developed complete sets for the world’s best racing cars, like Porsche. All Porsche sets are available in single, double or triple adjustable configuration.

Currently ProTrac has the following models in stock:

Porsche 911, 924, 944, 964, 993, 996



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The low-speed adjusters use a special designed bore of which the area can be varied. The adjuster is located on top of the remote reservoir and has eight adjustment positions. Changes made to low-speed damping forces (shock rod velocity of less than 2 inches per second) have a major effect on handling because corner entry, corner exit, braking, and power down are all about low speed shock rod movements.


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S-car-go's Double Threat 2000 Project.

The triple adjustable dampers have separate adjustment devices to control the low speed compression damping forces without effecting the mid- and high-speed range. Because the large 22mm piston rod provides sufficient oil flow on very small low-speed damper movements, the low-speed adjuster mechanism is very sensitive and responsive.

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These complete sets are the way to go to fine tune your Porsche.


See Application List to see Porsche sets available from stock



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Porsche 996 Racing Dampers

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